Rules and Regulations

These facilities were developed for the joy and experience of all our quests. We kindly request your respect for our facilities, nature and all other tourists.

  1. The Main Gate:  Opens at 07h00 and closes at 18h00. No other entry point allowed.
  2. LEAVING THE FARM:No vehicle will be permitted to leave the farm without a valid receipt, to be presented at the main gate.(Obtain receipt at reception)
  3. The speed limit:50km/h
  4. Disturbances: No Loud music or noise will be tolerated.

Nature, personnel or other visitors may not be disturbed.

No plants or rocks may be removed.

No unnecessary driving and noise of motorbikes at the campsites/chalets.

No fireworks or firecrackers of any kind at any time will be allowed.

No vandalism of any kind will be tolerated.

No deviation from the demarcated roads and pathways.

  • No pets: No pets of any kind are allowed.
  • No littering: No littering will be tolerated.
  • Hunting: Prohibited on the farm.
  • The dam wall: No access without formal permission and accompaniment.
  • Handling or water craft: All responsibility and liability of watercraft, passengers, equipment and safety is that of the skipper.

Skippers of boats and Jet Ski’s must take notice of the prohibited areas and the prohibitive wake zone at the jetty. See signboard at the slipway. No reckless use of boats/Jet Ski’s will be tolerated.

  1. Fishing: All bass and Yellow fish caught must be put back in the water at all times.
  2. Respect: Please consider us and your fellow tourists when using all tourist facilities.
  3. Fires: Camp fires only allowed at the designated braai areas and may not be left unattended. People responsible for starting any form of fire that causes any form of damage will be prosecuted.

Tourists are urged to report any transgression and/or misbehavior to Management.

Offenders will be fined or alternatively be asked to leave the farm immediately and no fees paid will be refunded. In serious cases, offenders may be handed over to the SAPS for prosecution.

By order: D. Cronje


Bivane dam