Mountain Biking

Bivane Dam has 38 kilometers of trails and roads to be utilized by mountain bike enthusiasts visiting the area.


Fishing varieties include fresh water Mackerel, Bass, Yellow fish, Tilapia (Kurper), Carp and Barbel.

Water Sports

With the availability of the paddle boats and the inflatable canoes people enjoy hours of fun is the sun.

Quad and Off-road Biking

Bivane Dam has 38 kilometers of roads, tracks and quad routes as well as a specially designed Enduro track


With approximately 13 kilometers of hiking trails filled with beautiful scenery. With unique and diverse Fauna and Flora you can rediscover the beauty of the Bivane dam

Fauna & Flora

Surrounded by rolling quartzite and banded ironstone hills, riverine forest and steep cliffs,the Bivane Dam is a nature enthusiast’s dream.