Fauna & Flora

Surrounded by rolling quartzite and banded ironstone hills, riverine forest and steep cliffs,the Bivane Dam is a nature enthusiast’s dream. The area is blessed with soils and a climate which ensure a high level of plant diversity over eight hundred identified plant species, including Proteas, Cycads, many Aloe species and the Bivane Waterwood.

 Some plant species are still undescribed. Bivane is also the only place where one type of Ceropegia (Ceropegia graibe) grows. Birdlife is prolific and varied, and regular sightings include White-backed Night Heron, Broad-tailed Warbler, Jameson’s Firefinch, Red-headed Weaver and the elusive Short-tailed Pipit.Large raptors such as Martial Eagle and African Hawk Eagle soar over the mixed broad-leafed woodland and rocky outcrops, scanning for prey. Scenic walks may bring an encounter with Klipspringer, Chacma Baboon, Mountain Reedbuck and, with luck, Serval.