Completed in 2000, the Bivane Dam was built on the Bivane River, a tributary of the Phongolo. Conceptualised, planned and built by Impala Water Users Assosiation, the dam was conceived as a sustainable water supply for the local irrigation scheme, and to secure primary water for the town of Pongola and surrounding communities. Its waters are collected from a catchment area of 1600 square kilometres, and have a surface area of 700 hectares. The Bivane Dam is easily accessible, situated near the centre of the triangle formed by the towns of Vryheid, Pongola and Piet Retief.

The marriage of the water and the hills has produced an idyllic natural space within which, with sensitive handling, it has proved possible to accommodate both active recreation and the serene experience of nature.The dam has become a sought after destination for boating and bass fishing. The turbulent waters below the dam wall are ideal for canoeing and river rafting, and make an exciting start to the annual Ithala Challenge Canoe Marathon. Hiking, mountain-biking and bird watching are increasingly popular. Quad bike and 4×4 trails are also available in the area.

2014 Winter special!

 We have a Winter special from 15 May 2014 to 31 August 2014

Weekend:    Chalets: 5-6 Sleeper   R450.00 per Chalet per night.  

(Incl. July Holidays)                                                                                                                                                                                         

                                       2 Sleeper     R350.00 per Chalet per night.

                         Campsite:                  R100.00 per night per campsite(4 people) +R20.00 per person extra, maximum 7 people per site

Midweek:    Chalets: 5-6 Sleeper   R300.00 per Chalet per night.

(Out Season -)                                                                                                                                                                                  

                                      2 Sleeper      R200.00 per Chalet per night.

                        Campsite:                   R100.00 per night per campsite(4 people) +R20.00 per person extra, maximum 7 people per site

Entrance fees :   (Once off)

Vehicle : First vehicle per Chalet /campsite Free .Additional vehicle and day visitors : R100.00 (passengers included)

Power boats, Jet Skis, Quad bikes and motorcycles : R50.00 each

Come experience Bivane Dam at low prices, but with the same high level of quality you have come to expect from us!